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2024 Australian citizenship practice test questions

Unlimited practice test attempts as you prepare

Pass the Aussie Citizenship Test with ease

Show your Aussie pride and cement your status as a bonafide Australian when you pass the Citizenship Test

We make passing the Australian Citizenship Test so much easier than trying to give it a go on your own. Let us help you get this hurdle out the way and get you on the path to citizenship. Try our practice quizzes and know exactly what to expect on the test.

Citizenship Test Australia

The faster way to get ready for the ACT

Don't go in unprepared. This could mean wasting time and resources if you fail the test. Give yourself the best chance of success when you use our online practice tests. They are designed to get you to pass the Aussie Citizenship Test the first time.

Why do these tests work?

Our practice tests and questions are structured just like the real Citizenship Test. So, you'll know the types of questions to expect.

When can I use the tests?

These questions can be used as often you need to, wherever you are. They are accessible online with unlimited practice attempts.

Who are these tests for?

These tests help first-time citizenship test takers or persons who may have failed the test before and want to improve their chances.

How It Works

The 3-Step Process to Passing the Citizenship Multiple-Choice Test

Step 1

Get an understanding of the topics you will need to know on test day. These topics are based on the handbook, Australian Citizenship ? Our Bond, which you can easily download.

Step 2

Start to prepare for the test. Click through to the tests on Citizenship Test Australia and get access to practice test questions. Try as many you want, as often as you like.

Step 3

Check your readiness to pass the Citizenship Test by trying our mock tests. They are just like the real test with the same number of questions to help you get a feel for test day.

Learn what to expect on the citizenship test and have more control of your study and test prep process

Get Prepped Faster

The Australian Citizenship: Our Bond material can be overwhelming to study. We make it easier for you to study and retain the information through multiple practice questions.

More Test Questions

The immigration website has one practice test. This isn't enough to get ready. We give you multiple test questions and each mock test carries different questions for you to try.

Just Like the Real Thing

It feels like the real Aussie Citizenship Test because it's directly based on it. The information for our test questions are taken from the Australian Citizenship: Our Bond.

Enjoy the non-boring way to study for the Australian Citizenship Test

We know how important this test is for you and how becoming an Australian citizen can change your life. That's why we want you to have the best possible chance of success. So, enjoy our fun study process and forget the stress.

Start with the Citizenship Test Australia practice tests today.

Click button and get started practicing.