Is It Difficult to Drive in Australia?

Is It Difficult to Drive in Australia?Australia is a beautiful country with some incredible scenery. It also has some very interesting geography. It is always difficult for a person to drive to a new place. However, you will eventually get familiar with the roads and the traffic situations. In Australia, you need to know some basic rules to make driving a lot easier for you.

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 Driving Requirements In Australia

Certain requirements are mandatory for a person to be a driver. Here are some mandatory requirements to be a valid driver in Australia:
A valid driver's license, which should be in the English language or an International Driving Permit(test) is the basic requirement to be qualified as a driver.
You need to have third-party car insurance or you can’t take your car to the road.

 Is it Difficult To Drive In Australia?

No, it is not difficult to drive in Australia. It is simple if you follow all the rules and regulations mentioned above. Australians drive on the left with the steering wheel on the right. 

On major routes, there are several well-marked rest stops, albeit they are typically quite basic and do not always include restroom facilities.

Road conditions can be problematic in isolated places away from major inter-city routes; many roads are unsealed (gravel or sandy) and sometimes badly maintained.

Australia has a similar set of rules for driving as other western countries but there are certain rules that you should know before Driving in Australia and make it fairly easy. 

Melbourne is well-known for its vast tram system. Various tram-related restrictions may not be clear at first. When the doors are open, you must stop behind the tram unless it is at a fenced-off stop with barriers and a clear "safety zone" sign.

The majority of Australia's roadways are two-lane, undivided sealed asphalt. Northern tropics roads are frequently sandy, stony, or sheeting.

On most rural and outback highways, driving onto an unsealed shoulder is banned. It is critical to slow down considerably before a turn when traveling on gravel. High brightness at night will make it more difficult for animals to identify a suitable escape path.

When approaching cattle grids, slow down since they may be crooked, damaged, or full of potholes. Some parts of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland have extremely cold nights, which can cause diesel to freeze in automobiles.

 Rules to be aware of in Australia While Driving

1. Driving on the Left Side 

You need to drive on the left side of the road and don’t forget to stay on the left after taking a turn as well.

Most cars in Australia have right-sided driver’s seats and this can be sometimes confusing for someone who is a driver in south Asia. Always remember that the oncoming traffic will be on the right side of your right shoulder. 

2. A Different Slow Lane

On a two-lane or more-lane highway, all the slow-moving vehicles are given a separate lane. Always remember the left-most lane is for the slowest moving vehicles.

3. No Drunk Driving

In Australia driving while consumption of alcohol is a serious offense. But, if your blood alcohol level is somewhere around 0.05%, you can drive a vehicle.

4. No U-turns 

Until and unless the traffic police have posted a U-turn, you should not take a U-turn at an intersection. Only in Victoria and the Australian capital territory, it is legal.

5. Gas Stations

You have to be prepared for the fuel if you are going on a long trip. Most gas stations in Australia are situated far apart and in rural places, they close early. It will be very difficult to fuel your vehicle if you are out of fuel late at night.

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